Orgaz de las Tinieblas (Toro)

Already since we had Goda in our house, we knew that we would buy another Alano Español!
In 2010, we came in contact with a breeder of this noble race in the south of Spain who practiced defense work with his Alano.
On the 12 of March in 2011 our Toro was born!!!! On its pedigree he calls Orgaz de las Tinieblas, but we call him TORO!
He is the son of Duero de Monteleike and Fica de Monteleike.
We could follow Toro from his birth and at the end of March in 2011 we travelled to Almeria to visit him for the first time. We were received very warmly at Sergio and Mati and saw immediately that they have very much experience with this race. We saw now also how they work with these dogs in Spain when they go hunting. A complete experience!!!!
Toro is a superactive Alano! He is always alert and very curious. We train with him in defense work. He knows a lot of basic concepts of the Belgian Ringsport. Toro likes to fetch several objects, and is very good in tracking.
In the pack at home Toro certainly not the LEADER, he is subservient with respect to Busca and Goda.

This is what Sergio, his breeder, says about Toro:
“Toro es un perro equilibrado, valiente, inteligente. Tranquilo en casa pero si la situación pero si la situación lo requiere es decidido y fuerte. Gran disposición para el trabajo con gran instinto de presa y caza junto con un buen instinto de defensa lo que lo hacen un perro especialmente dotado para el adiestramiento deportivo”
Toro is a balanced, brave, intelligent dog. He is quiet in house but when the situation required it, he takes a decision and is powerful. He has a large desire to work with large and good instinct for prey and hunting. With an instinct for defence witch makes this dog especially for the sport training.)

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