Charakter & Temperament

The character of the Alano Español is dominant and strong.
Since he is submissive to his boss, he is with his dominant character very controllable by its owner. Its owner will have to establish a good, firm and correct pack leader.

This breed is very affectionate to the members in the family and the people he knows. He is very patient and good at dealing with children. They are reliable, strong and very obedient.

The Alano Español will only attack when necessary or when his boss is asking him.
The Alano Español fight to the death for his master to serve, he oppressed taking all the pain and fear.
They are brave, loyal and hard workers. Poised and confident with an extremely high pain threshold.

The characteristics develop fully only when they are adults and this is around the age of 2.5 years.
Because this breed is bred to work in packs, as a team, they are social with other dogs and enjoy playing with each other.
However, the Alano Español never retreat from a battle (eg with a boar on the hunt).

The Alano Español is thus clear leadership, lots of movement and does not like to be alone a lot. Due to his physique they are strong, fast and agile.
They can therefore easily rotate in various dog sports such as flyball, agility, tracking, protection work, but also as a service dog, rescue dog, etc ...

If the Alano Español well socialized, make few problems with people, dogs and other animals.
It is a very strong and healthy breed only health problems occur.

He is like outside and can be kept outside all year, if he has a place to shelter from the rain and the cold.
It can also perfectly at home life, as long as he gets his daily exercise. It is not advisable to dog lives within lives, then at night or during the day in the freezing cold to put as his winter coat by living within less protection area.

A Alano Español is a breed that needs lots of exercise. At least 2 walks per day, of which at least 1 walk long enough where he can run and play loose. If he gets enough exercise, he is a calm dog in the house.

A Alano Español is a short haired dog. He has a shaggy coat that 2x per year in the moult can go. It is best to brush him too much. This activates just the moult. You better wait until the hair very loose and used a few days of each other a shredder or eg a FURminator that the loose hair removed.

A Alano Español is 11-14 years old.