Origin of the Alano

The Alano is a very old breed, there are several theories about the origin.
Most people make a link between the present and the Alano dogs that Alanos (Alans) brought with them when they invaded the Iberian Peninsula in 406 AC.
These dogs are not descended from any other existing race, but were the ancestors of many varieties mollosser now very popular, such as Great Dane or Bordeaudog.

There used to be Alano dogs not only in Spain but throughout Europe where the Alans was invaded, but only in Spain, they have more than 1500 years survives.

A group of Alano enthusiasts have invested a lot of time in the early 1980s with the aim of finding the right demographic situation of the Alano.
This breed was never in dog shows or was never bred for beauty.
At that time everyone thought the Alano probably disappeared from most wild boar hunts and koeranches in Spain.

Carlos Contera and his colleagues investigated thoroughly throughout rural Spain in search of the legendary Molossian, after the ban on their participation in bullfights in 1883.
The search was a success. They found a few Alanos in Extremadura (SW Spain) and Castille (central Spain), but also a large and stable population of about 300 Alanos in Encartaciones Valley in the north of Spain.
These were the same Alano dogs than those used for centuries to the local half wild cattle herding.

The reconstruction of the breed started with the best specimens of these dogs. Their DNA was analyzed by the factorial of animal medication at the University of Cordoba to be sure of their authenticity.