Collado del Diablo

We are Sergio and Mati “del Collado del Diablo”.
We have already followed the Alano Español during a lot of years, but it has been just since 2006 that we have bought our first Alano. We know this race as physical strong dogs with a noble and balanced character, rustic and quietly by nature, sociably and loyally. We say this already for several years, and we have not been mistaken. Our Alanos have came slowly in our life, bit by bit, and have largely satisfied to our expectations: with regard to character, functionality, in the skills concerning their work and also in their beauty.
Also our Teckels have filled our house with their tireless soul and are excellent companions with our Alanos!
The decision to breed with our dogs has grown from the passie which we feel for their unique identity and in the conviction that our dogs can contribute also much to the recognition of their race.

We invite YOU from for our better know to learn!!!

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