Goda de Ranchojabali

° 17 January 2008 ✝20 januari 2016
Goda has arrived with us from Bracelona. 

She was born on February 17 in the kennel of Ranchojabali.

Since she was 3 months old we took to follow lessons of "obedience" . Here she was tremendously excellent and she learned everything very quickly.

But Goda wanted more!
We soon noticed that she has a very good nose.

We therefore learned her to track on blood and sweat . This means that she can detect a long trail of wounded animal. In Germany she has competed in an oficial test and it passed with flying colors. Many watched her working with open eyes and were very amazed.

But in Belgium this breed is not admitted in the "official sweat dog club" with this breed is admitted.
She is very quiet, lives in our house, is social with other dogs, is not really dominant but put if needed the finishing touches!

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