It is our plan to do a litter with Toro and Busca in the beginning of 2016!

At the age of 2 to 3 years an Alano can be considered as a adult dog, than he will be physically well formed.
At the age of 18 months we let take x-rays from the hips, knees, elbows and back from Toro and Busca. Both are dysplasia free and knees, elbows and back are perfect.

Goda, Toro and Busca have an export-pedigree from the RSCE (Royal Sociedad de Canina de España). The Alano Español is a breed that isn’t yet recognized by the FCI. Hereby it is by law that Alano-pups can’t have a pedigree by the RSCE when they are not born in Spain!!!!
However, we have let approve our dogs officialy by the NVBK (National Association of Belgian Cynology). So Toro and Busca have a pedigree of the NVBK. Hereby shall their pups be approved by a judge from the NVBK and thus attain an official pedigree from the NVBK.
Since January 2015 is the Alano Español officialy written in catalog of the NVBK!!!! For more information you can take contact with
For us, but also for the Spanish breeders this is an important step in the recognition of this noble breed!!

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