A very special day!!

At the request of persons with disabilities, we have a "dog day" organized at work.
In the morning gave Katrien lesson on how to get a dog the best touches, which you should consider when hugging a dog, when can pet your dog and when not, etc ... Katrien had here made ​​use of drawings to make everything very clearly!
Afterwards, the participants were allowed to walk with a dog and what apporteeroefeningen run.
But there was a lot cuddled!!
In the afternoon we have a small demonstration with our dogs: obedience, seek work, defense work. Then there was a photo shoot held.
One should choose the dog (or person) they are wanted in the picture.

On this day, not only people with disabilities enjoyed, but also our dogs and certainly we as a conductor!
I would like to especially thank Katrien and Serge who this day have very professionally supervised. Without them this would not have been possible!
And a special thanks to Freddy and Lidy, friends who have a lot of experience in the training of a dog and who are always ready to help us. Also thanks to the people of my work, which is a very special place in my heart bear!


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