Busca del Collado del Diablo

Busca is born on the 21 of December in 2012 in Almeria (Spain).
Her parents are Faustino the Monteleike and Alama del Pumarejo.
Busca has an open and gentle character to people, but is dominant to other dogs. We frequently take her to several places as a therapy - dog where she exposes her gentle character. Also we train with her as a tracking-dog on bloods and sweat track.

This is what Sergio (her breeder) tells about Busca about her character when he saw her back when she was 4 years old:
“Busca es una perra dulce, equilibrada, perfecto perro de familia pero dotada de un instinto natural para proteger su familia. Tiene un carácter especial lo que hace que sea una perra muy polivalente en el trabajo, capaz de realizar labores como perro de terapia, con una nariz prodigiosa que la hace muy apta para trabajos de búsqueda además de perfecta para la protección”
(Busca is a gentle, balanced, perfect family-dog. Equipped with a natural instinct to protect its family. She has a special character what makes of her a very multipurpose, competently to work as a therapy dog. With a miraculous nose for tracking, but arranged also perfectly for protection.

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